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Natalie and Jaymes


Four and a half year old Masen, son of Jaymes and Natalie jumps for joy!

Four and a half year old Masen, son of Jaymes and Natalie jumps for joy!

Before we hired Mark, our home was for sale with another Realtor for two and a half months. We were barely getting showings. We weren’t getting feedback. We kept asking if it was because of the price and even suggested a price reduction. Our Real Estate Agent declined saying the problems we were experiencing weren’t because of the price. She was always away and dumped us on some agent from her office we had never even met. Neither one of them rarely returned our phone calls.

We had purchased another home in Mount Forest conditional on selling ours here in Kitchener. So we felt immense pressure. After two and a half months of no showings, no offers, and poor customer service, we fired our Real Estate Agent. On New Year’s Eve our “For Sale” sign was stolen and we took that as a sign we needed to hire another agent. We immediately interviewed 4 other agents and Mark was one of them. Knowing he’s the biggest Realtor in town we wanted his opinion. He was the last agent we interviewed and we new right away he could do it! We trusted he knew what he was doing.

Mark has an amazing personality. He was so funny and always telling jokes. He was so down-to-earth which surprised us. He always remembered our dog and brought him treats every time he came to see us. He was honest! He made us feel so comfortable and it has felt like we’ve known him forever! Mark always replied to our calls, texts and emails immediately (and there was lots of them haha).

We just wanted to get out of the city. We want our young kids who are now 4.5 years and 14 months old to grow up in a small town, having access to tons of outside adventure. As avid campers we wanted to be within an hour of a major lake, so Georgian Bay here we come! Moving to Mount Forest will bring us financial freedom too because we made a good profit from the sale of our Kitchener home. Our new home is right on a river so we will be buying canoes and kayaks. None of this would have been possible without Mark. He helped us to make a major lifestyle change for the better. We’ve been shouting from the rooftops about how good Mark Maurer is and we highly recommend him to anybody wanting to sell their home.

Jaymes and Natalie, Kitchener ON