Selling Your Kitchener-Waterloo Home During the Holiday Season

Selling your Kitchener-Waterloo home

Selling Your Home During the Holidays

Picture this. You’re looking to sell your home in the Waterloo Region and you list it in October or November. It hasn’t sold yet, December is here and the Christmas season is now upon us. You realize that there is the possibility that potential buyers will come through your home during December and the dilemma arises: “Do we put up a tree? Do we decorate our home inside, outside, or… not at all?” You understand that staging your home can play an important role in whether or not it sells; so what can you do to help your chances of selling your home during the Christmas season?

Mark Maurer believes that selling a house in Kitchener Waterloo is possible during the Christmas months and that the Christmas season and the trimmings that come with it, can be used to your advantage!

“For the past 5 years in a row I have sold homes in Waterloo Region in the week right before Christmas and again during the week between Christmas and New Years. In fact; during December of 2012, I sold 14 homes!”

Mark suggests the following tips when selling your home during the busy holiday season. Feel free to jot them down, print them off or memorize them, but whatever you do, LIVE by them and you could see that “SOLD” sign you asked Santa for this year!

The Five “Ds” to Remember When Selling Your Home Over Christmas

December is not Dead!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that people aren’t serious about buying a house during December. Mark advises the opposite saying,

“Let me tell you this about December home shoppers- the people looking to buy a home who are out viewing homes on the market in December are serious buyers. Christmas is a very special time of year for most families and if purchasing a home were not of utmost importance, these folks would be engaged in other activities related to Christmas. These people coming to see your home are looking because, for whatever reason; they have to buy.”

Allowing yourself to become relaxed about staging or overdoing it can both be damaging mistakes during the Christmas season.

Declutter the Main Areas

The rules regarding decluttering your home when listing it on the market extend to holiday decor. If you have not already done so; move from room to room and begin decluttering. Unsure of how much holiday cheer is too much? Take this advice given in the post, “Staging Your Home to Sell Over the Holidays” from the Rooms in Bloom Design and Staging Blog. They recommend choosing a maximum of three items per space,explaining,

“You keep clutter to a minimum and highlight the few decorations on display so they stand out. Keep lawn decorations packed away and instead opt for a tasteful and pretty urn filled with hazel twigs, sprigs of pine and red berries. Remember, as much as it is the holiday season, your house is still up for sale and buyers need to be able to appreciate your home more than the decorations!”

Depersonalize Every Room

As with the general rule of thumb when selling your home; buyers want to be able to visualize themselves within the house they’re viewing. Having your daughter’s Christmas portrait sitting on the mantle or a custom made throw with your initials monogrammed onto it could leave them feeling as though- well, as though they’re in someone else’s house. Keep decor tasteful and depersonalized and you will have the opportunity to pull out the sentimental decorations next year… in your new house.

Don’t Overdo It

Again, as with decluttering, the idea is to create a sense of warmth and Christmas spirit, without making it seem as though Christmas threw up all over your living room. One way of accomplishing this is by choosing a theme or colour palette, avoiding the use of too many colours. A great source of inspiration for choosing the Christmas palette that will work for your own home and for examples of how to stage your home in a tasteful manner this holiday season, is our Christmas Decor board on Pinterest.

Dazzle with Outdoor Lights

People expect to see lights outside this time of year. If you normally put lights up outside then do it again this year! Don’t feel pressure to out do the Griswald’s- a few strings of lights in key areas near the front door will do just fine and to keep it consistent, consider carrying the palette you’ve chosen inside, outside.

Finally, if you want to really hit it big when selling your home in the Kitchener-Waterloo region over the Christmas season, here’s what you do: when you know potential buyers are going to come through your home during December, put a warm pot of apple cider with cinnamon sticks on the stove and allow for the aroma to float through the house. Paired with your tastefully staged decor; you’ve created the perfect Christmas atmosphere!

Feel free to Re-pin any ideas you get from our Christmas Decor board on Pinterest and be sure to share with us how you’ve chosen to apply the 5 “Ds” to Remember When Selling Your Home Over Christmas!

We wish you every success selling your home in Kitchener or Waterloo. From our family to yours – Merry Christmas!