Selling Your Home? How to Price it to Make the Most Money Possible!

Real Estate Tips: How to Sell Your Kitchener-Waterloo Home

Real Estate Tips: How to Sell Your Kitchener-Waterloo Home

In this article I’m going to address the pricing issue when listing your home to sell for the most amount of money possible. This is important information for you if you are selling your home in Kitchener-Waterloo. If you are looking to buy your dream home and currently own a house, you can benefit from my 21 years of real estate expertise in addressing the pricing issue.

Pricing your home properly can make a huge difference in how long it takes to sell your home and, how much money you get for it. Pricing your home right is probably one of the most controversial things in real estate.


Here’s what we need to know – what is the most amount of money we can price your home for without pricing it too high? If we price it a little too high we may get lots of home buyers looking at your home but we won’t get any offers. If we price it substantially too high we won’t even get anybody looking at your house and again, no offers. Learning how to price a home becomes very predictible and we can look at the 2 week point after launching and decipher from the activity, whether we’ve priced it right or not.


Examine and analyzse the sales activity on your street in the past year for homes very similar to yours (eg. if you have a bungalow with a 2 car garage we only compare other bungalows with 2 car garages). We also analyze the houses that were for sale in your neighbourhood in the past year that *didn’t sell.*

After making minute adjustments, the other trick is this: once we determine the true value of your home, we want to put the price right up tight against it. The real estate professionals and their buyers in our community will recognize when we have a home priced accurately and we will attract a lot of attention – this is how we create a feeding frenzy. We want to get as many offers as possible. When a home is priced right, potential home buyers will understand and respect that we have priced it properly and they won’t expect that we would consider low-ball offers.

In the end, who makes the final decision on the price that is accepted for your home? You do. You are in control. The right agent will coach you very well on how to price your home to sell for the most money possible.

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