Real Estate Tips: Team or Agent – Which is Best for You?

What's the difference between a real estate TEAM and an agent working alone?

What’s the difference between a real estate TEAM and an agent working alone?

A single real estate agent – they have everything in their own hands and it can become a little like a “one-man band” coming down the street with one individual playing the big bass drum, blowing the horn and trying to play the guitar. If they had about 6 hands it might work okay but today real estate is complicated. The real estate profession is not what it was years ago and a Realtor needs expertise in different areas. Since we can’t know absolutely everything nor do everything, we need to hire the right people with specialized areas of knowledge. Obviously, I believe the model of a Real Estate Team is the best working model we have because I’ve had one myself for many years and it works like a charm.

To hear my complete explanation about the pros and cons of using either a real estate team or a real estate agent in Waterloo Region, watch my video below:

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