The 3 Pillars of Protection for Home Buyers and Sellers

PILLAR #1: Knowledge

Ongoing Training. Once Real Estate Professionals in Ontario complete the courses they need to enter the industry, they must keep their skills sharp through continuing education. This is a requirement to keep their licenses active.

Skills and Experience. A Real Estate Professional can help you navigate the process: from identifying properties of interest, to deciphering paperwork, negotiating on price, and everything in between.

PILLAR #2:  Insurance

Peace of Mind. Your deposit will be held in a trust account and insured by the Real Estate Council of Ontario. This means your hard-earned money is safe. Real Estate Professionals must also hold Errors and Omissions Insurance to pay for damages and legal costs arising from claims related to a real estate transaction.

PILLAR #3:  Professional Standards

Professionalism. Real Estate Professionals in the province of Ontario have an obligation to treat you with fairness, honesty and integrity through the buying and selling process.

Consequences and Discipline. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, the Real Estate Council of Ontario will investigate your complaint and when necessary, take steps to hold the Real Estate Professional accountable.

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