How Do You Know You’ve Found the Right Agent to Sell Your Home?


Find out the questions you should ask real estate agents

Find out the questions you should ask real estate agents

In this article I’m going to share with you how you can find the right real estate agent to sell your home – the right fit for you.

Interview Real Estate Agents

I tell my clients to interview at least 3 so they have a sufficient amount of choice and can feel confident when making the decision. Asking these questions is important because as we know, history repeats itself. Past performance usually dictates future performance so their experience is vitally important and relevant.

Questions to ask these Realtors to make sure it’s the right one for you include:

  • What experience do they have? (how long have they been a real estate agent?)
  • How many homes did they sell last year?
  • How many homes did they sell so far this year?
  • Have they sold many homes in your neighbourhood? If so, ask to see the listing for the homes.
  • For the homes they have sold in your neighbourhood: how much did they get in relation to the asking price? Did they sell it for 100% of the list price, 90% of the list price?
  • Who did they study under?
  • Where did they take their real estate courses?
  • Do they do any “additional” education or ongoing education.

I also recommend that you take notes when you are interviewing Real Estate Agents in Waterloo Region because if you’re like most of us, after that interview you will look at your spouse and say, “What did he/she say about _____?”

Ask About Marketing

Realtors can promise you the moon but what have they done to promote other homes in the past? What will they do to promote your home? You may not ever know what they will do to market your home. Where will they advertise your home for sale? Do they use only print media – because we know print is dwindling like it hasn’t been in years before. Some of print is still useful but there needs to be more than that. Do they use social media to feature your home – like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even in some cases using LinkedIn to private message important contacts in their networks. Do they have a blog on their website that they update regularly? How connected are they with the community? Asking Real Estate Agents about where they market themselves is also relevant. What is their online expertise? Do they advertise on: Grand River Transit buses; billboards; or bus stop benches?

PLAN OF ACTION: Any good agent should be able to give you a “marketing plan of action” of exactly what they’re going to do to sell your home. I have a 21 Point Plan of Action that I send out to prospective clients before they even meet me that they can read before we get together. I believe it’s considerate to get that to folks beforehand so they are somewhat informed about my services and can ask me questions about my home marketing strategy.

REFERENCES: Ask for references. Do they have testimonials on their website, Facebook page or YouTube channel that you can read or watch? Sometimes they may have testimonial letters you can look at. Will the Real Estate Agent provide you with a past client’s name and phone number that you can ask about their experiences with this agent?

THE BOTTOM LINE: You want to know that the agent you hire is going to be a very active agent right now in today’s market. You want to make sure you find someone who is connected to the community and someone who is going to serve you well and serve your purpose because you’re going to pay them a lot of money to sell your home. You want a Real Estate Agent in Kitchener-Waterloo who is going to go to bat for you and protect you legally.

You can also watch my video here about finding a good Realtor by clicking below:

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