Baden, Elmira, Wellesley, St. Jacobs: Finding the Perfect Country Home!

how to find a country home in Waterloo Region

Have you been considering a move to the country?

City life can be exciting but at times it can be loud, stressful and expensive for some people. Many once-determined urbanites have defected to rural areas and love their new lifestyles! The green, open spaces could be calling you, too. Country life has an awful lot of perks. The perfect country home could be just around the corner in Baden, Elmira, Wellesley, or St. Jacobs.

Baden, Ontario

Selling a Farm in Baden, Ontario

Selling a Farm in Baden, Ontario

A lower cost of living is just one advantage to life in a small town. A vibrant and welcoming community awaits you in many smaller towns. Baden is just one such warm and hospitable location. Baden, Ontario, is part of the larger township of Wilmot. It is one of the two hubs of the area, the other being New Hamburg. Both are named for their counterparts in Germany, which is reflective of this collective history of many of this area’s settlers. The other settlements and communities include St. Agatha, Petersburg, Mannheim, New Dundee, Philipsburg, Shingletown, Wilmot Centre, Haysville, Luxemburg, Lisbon, Sunfish Lake and Foxboro Green.

Most residents live on farms or in the settlements and towns. This is country living at its best! If you’ve never lived in a rural setting before, you’ll need a great real estate agent to guide you. It’s easy to be lured by the bucolic beauty of a rural setting and lose your focus. A good agent will help you determine if you’re ready to take on an operating farm or if perhaps an acre or two will better suit your lifestyle.

Elmira, Ontario

A Common Site in Rural Living in Elmira, Ontario

A Common Site in Rural Living in Elmira, Ontario

Elmira is another interesting community. It lies just to the north of Kitchen-Waterloo and is the largest of Woolwich Township’s communities. Surrounded by farmland, this area’s residents enjoy the amazing bounty of the land at farmer’s markets, farm gates and even roadside stands. You could also see the traditional horse-drawn buggies of the Old Order Mennonites that still reside here. The Pennsylvania Dutch personality of this small town gives it charm and a quaint appeal but Elmira also has a bustling town center. There are restaurants and shops enough to please any transplanted city-dweller.

Elmira’s first settler was Edward Bristow, who bought 21 hectares of lush land at 50 cents an acre in 1834. The cost of living here may be a bit higher now but it’s still significantly below that of the major cities. You’ll need a trustworthy real estate to help you navigate the difference in home pricing and understand what properties are really good bargains are which you should avoid whether they lie in farmland or a village.

Wellesley, Ontario

Country-style Living in Wellesley, Ontario

Country-style Living in Wellesley, Ontario

The villages of Wellesley, Linwood, St. Clements and Hawkesville make up the Township of Wellesley. Situated in the northwest corner of the Waterloo region, this lovely string of villages is connected by vast tract of productive farms. Largely untouched by tourism, this area is populated by down-to-earth folks with a penchant for culture, craftsmanship and good food as evidenced in the shops and restaurants that dot the community and the many festivals celebrated there.

If you’ve always lived in a big city, the thought of living in such a rural setting could be a little unnerving. A quality real estate agent can help you where you could fit into this kind of community. He or she can show you how to make it seem a little more like home, even if it sounds like a foreign land!

Your dream home could lie in any one of these small towns! You’ll need a real estate agent with experience in buying and selling in this part of Ontario if you’d like to settle here. But how do you find the person who can best find your dream home? Start by asking a few questions.

Do you have experience buying or selling this type of property?
Your typical urban agent won’t might know just how to find a semi-detached home near public transportation but will he know the ins and out of buying farmland? You want an agent who has experience in transactions of properties like what you want to buy (or sell) in your area.

Do you consider small town sales to be your specialty?
Most agents can buy or sell in most areas if pressed to do so. They can adapt even if they aren’t exactly in their comfort zone. But that’s not really what you want in an agent. If you’re making a major lifestyle change, you want an agent who is confident and more than merely competent in buying and selling in small towns. Find one who considers this kind of property to be their own personal niche.

How do you market and/or research farm properties?
A high tech approach is usually a great plan for a city property and sometimes it works win the country too. However, a good agent has more than one tool in his or her belt. In more rural areas, where deals are sometimes struck on a handshake alone, you might not be successful with a stellar Internet marketing campaign alone. While a good internet presence is always helpful, relationships and word of mouth could make the difference in rural real estate.

Find a good agent and you’ll soon find your dream home. Baden, Elmira, Wellesley, or St. Jacobs – one could be your new home! If you want to inquire about homes in these beautiful areas of Southwestern Ontario, call The Mark Maurer Team at 519.885.0200 or email us here.