Mold Facts and Myths Every Homeowner Should Understand

Our good friends at Restoration 1 Kitchener have spent a great deal of time dealing with mold caused by water damage AND the myths and misconceptions surrounding mould. Recently it occurred to them that they should collect some of the most repeated of their little nuggets of mouldy wisdom into an article of some kind, so that they could get the word out to even more people. The following was written by these fine folks – we thought it would be useful to you as a homeowner in Waterloo Region.

There Are Different Types of Mold

Not All Black Mould is Bad

There has been a lot written and talked about over the last few years regarding black mould and how dangerous it is to both your house in Kitchener-Waterloo and your health. And there are such things as toxic moulds and yes, a lot of them are black. But not all black moulds are toxic.

The fact is that mould comes in all kinds of colours. We’ve seen white mould, bright yellow mould, brown mould, green mould, mould that is the kind of delicate pink that would actually make a rather nice paint colour and everything in between.

Whether or not a mould is toxic depends upon its chemical makeup, not on its colour. So if the mould you find in your home is black don’t panic and make plans to leave town immediately just yet. Call in a company like Restoration 1 Kitchener to come and perform professional mould testing to find out what kind of mould it really is, regardless of its hue.

Bleach Kills Mould. NOT.

OK, we admit it, this is the myth that drives us nuts. No, whatever you read online, or saw on a late night infomercial, bleach does not kill mould. It bleaches it, which means you probably won’t be able to see it anymore. It’s still there though and in fact it is probably really enjoying the tasty bleach you just fed it because that actually makes mould stronger and more resistant. There are indeed solutions that kill mould but bleach isn’t one of them.

Keeping an Area Dry Will Not Kill Existing Mould

OK, so you found a big patch of mould, figured out the problem was your leaky showerhead, had the local plumber come in and fix that and now everything should be great, the mould will go away.

Well no, it won’t. We all know that mould needs excess moisture to grow, but once it is past its ‘toddler’ stage, which only takes a few days, it can survive very well on the moisture in the air, and the air is moist everywhere. The less powerful ‘nutrition’ will probably mean that the existing mould won’t grow or spread very fast, but it will still have the ‘strength’ to carry on doing what it always has, eating away at whatever surface it calls home.

Initial Mould Testing is Not Invasive or Intrusive

In order to perform a mould test in your home we, or any other professional mould remediation service, are not going to come in armed with scissors and hammers to rip up your carpets or knock holes in your walls. Our testing methods are seriously more advanced than that and we can get to the root of any problem without creating a mess of any kind.

You Can Recover the Value of Your Property After a Serious Mould Problem

A serious mould problem is just that, serious, but it does not mean that all is lost or that your home is now ‘damaged goods’ that can never be resold for its proper value. As long as the mould remediation service you use is properly certified and experienced – ie a company like Restoration 1 Kitchener – and the problem, has been solved no one will ever be able to really tell it existed in the first place.

Any Home Can Fall Victim to Mould, However New and Clean

Contrary to popular opinion, mould, even though it is indeed a living organism, does not discriminate. Give it what it needs to grow and it will grow, even if your house is only six months old and a cleaning lady comes in every day.

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