About Kitchener


Kitchener City Hall, Photo by Sean Marshall


Population (2006)
City: 204,668
Metro Area: 451,235
Area (2006)
City Area: 136 km sq
Metro Area: 827 km sq
Current Mayor: Carl Zehr
Current City Council: Scott Davey, Berry Vrbanovic, John Gazzola, Yvonne Fernandes, Kelly Galloway, Paul Singh, Bill Ioannidis, Syg Janecki, Frank Etherington, Dan Glenn-Graham

The city of Kitchener is located in Southwestern Ontario, in the Saint Lawrence Lowlands. As of the 2006 census, Kitchener’s population was over 204,000 while the larger metro area including Waterloo and Cambridge was home to over 451,000 residents, making it the eleventh largest metro area in Canada and the fifth largest in the province of Ontario. The smaller city of Cambridge borders Kitchener to the south, and the city of Waterloo borders Kitchener to the north. The sister cities of Kitchener and Waterloo are often jointly referred to as “Kitchener-Waterloo”, and while they share a regional government, they also have separate local municipal governments.

Kitchener is a hub of activity for the entire Waterloo region, offering a safe and inviting community for families, young couples and singes alike. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast who craves an active lifestyle or a culture buff interested in the arts, Kitchener has something for everyone. With a culturally diverse population and a bustling economy, Kitchener provides residents and tourists with plenty to see and do, from theatrical shows and contemporary galleries to historic parks and outdoor recreational facilities for every season.



 Kitchener Market Square, Photo by Stephen Downes


Victoria Park, Photo by Gary Simmons

Kitchener’s oldest and most prominent park is Victoria Park, located in the heart of Kitchener’s downtown just a short walk from City Hall. Still containing many of the original amenities that date back to the official opening of the park in 1896, Victoria Park is home to many of Kitchener’s yearly festivals and special events including the Multicultural Festival, Kidspark, the Kitchener Blues Festival, and The Word on the Street Festival.

In addition to Kitchener’s many parks, the city also has an extensive trail system hundreds of kilometres in length that run throughout the city and along the Grand River shores. One of the most popular stretches of park trail is the Iron Horse Trail, which attracts outdoor enthusiasts all year round for activities like walking, jogging, biking, or cross-country skiing. As part of the Trans Canada Trail, Iron Horse Trail runs 5.5 kilometres and connects Victoria Park in downtown Kitchener to Waterloo Park in uptown Waterloo, symbolic of the close partnership between the two cities.

The Kitchener Real Estate market provides prospective home buyers with a wide range of homes in every price point and style. Old properties in mature communities are being redeveloped and restored while new homes are under construction in newer neighbourhoods. From contemporary condominiums in Kitchener’s downtown core, to suburban homes that appeal to young families, and even older heritage homes that are rich in history and charm, Kitchener’s housing market provides homes for every taste, budget and lifestyle.

Get better acquainted with the city of Kitchener: visit the city’s website, read about Kitchener’s history, and learn more about the government, services, transportation, and local special events.

Attractions & Venues

Kitchener has fantastic world class venues and attractions within the city, including fantastic local theatres and unique markets.

Outdoor Recreation

Kitchener has over 1,600 hectares of parkland including 75 natural areas, 220 parks, and more than 125 km of multi-use trails.

Museums & Galleries

Kitchener values its rich, diverse heritage and takes pride in preserving and promoting its unique culture.

Events & Festivals

Residents and visitors enjoy festivals and special events throughout the year in the city of Kitchener.