Living in Kitchener, Ontario: Exceeding Expectations

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If you’re leaving a large city like Toronto or if you’re relocating form another smaller town, Kitchener is an excellent choice for your new home. It has been a lively town for over 100 years and has history as well as a bright future. Housing is more affordable here, too (bonus!) and the location is wonderful!

Kitchener has convenient access to Highway 401, one of the most important routes in Ontario. Kitchener is also central in the Tri-City area that includes Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge. It sits in the Saint Lawrence Lowlands where the landscape is thick with trees, the soil is rich and the weather is comfortable year-round.

A Brief History of Kitchener’s Settlers

This favorable geographical location was not lost on the early settlers to this region. The land was gifted to the people of the Six Nations by the British government in 1784 as a reward for their allegiance during the American Revolution.   They sold a portion to Colonel Richard Beasley between 1796 and 1798. Beasley’s plots were remote but not undesirable. The German Mennonite people found them quite interesting.

Farming families were seeking a place with good soil where they could farm and freely practice their religion without fear of persecution. They found a haven in the place that would eventually become “Kitchener-Waterloo.” Many relocated from Pennsylvania, USA over the next decade, buying up Beasley’s tracts and settling down. The Schneider family’s home from this era still stands in the heart of Kitchener as a museum and many of the old names still populate this area.

Kitchener’s Downtown Core

The heart of Kitchener has a deep, rich history but that doesn’t mean it’s stodgy or we are stuck in the past. Maintaining a healthy and active downtown core has long been a priority for city leaders and citizens alike. The Kitchener Market is one remarkable addition to the city that came from this dedication to the downtown core.

The Kitchener Market is a modern version of an urban market. It has a transparent ceiling soaring 50 feet above the floor and huge walls of windows. This inviting and creative space is absolutely flooded with natural light. The space can be rented for large events and the Market offers many programs of its own as well. Kids can learn cooking and art and adults enjoy live music, local trade showcases and holiday events.

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Kitchener’s Market has a wide variety of food vendors

The expansive Kitchener Market houses many vendors offering international cuisine that is truly ethnically diverse. It hosts a Saturday Farmer’s Market where an enormous variety of delicious local produce as well as meat, poultry, fish and dairy products can be purchased from vendors. Residents have been filling their tables with the bounty of this market for over 140 years! Shopping the Kitchener Market is a family tradition and it’s not uncommon for a vendor to serve fourth or fifth generation customers. Whether you’re looking for local honey, Egyptian cuisine, fine chocolate, an artisan cheese or some early kale, the Market is the place to go.

The eclectic Kitchener Market vibe spills out into the eastern end of downtown Kitchener where foodies love to hang out. A cool mix of restaurants attracts residents of all ages. There are also interesting shops here that locals love.

Festivals in Kitchener

Locals also love the variety of festivals to be found in Kitchener. Your calendar could be crowded with new experiences, learning opportunities and fun events without even leaving your new home town! Kitchener hosts an incredible Oktoberfest that lasts for nine whole days!

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Kitchener’s Robust Festival Schedule

The festival schedule is thick all year long in Kitchener. There’s also the Kitchener Blues Festival, KW Multicultural Festival, IMPACT Theater Festival, Big Music Fest (this year featuring Rod Stewart!), the Rock and Rumble Motorcycle Show, the Annual Canada Day celebration and many, many more. No one can say this small city lacks fun OR culture! Our festival schedule stands up to any competition.

Kitchener’s Reasonable Housing Market

There’s one thing that Kitchener doesn’t have that big cities do, at least in the housing market – outrageous competition. Buying a home in a large city is a process often plagued with bidding wars that is followed by disappointment. The Kitchener housing market is healthy for both sellers and buyers, but doesn’t carry the high stress levels of buying in a major urban market.

With a smaller pool of people and homes, the market is naturally more stable. Prices are fair and reasonable. The housing options are numerous. Kitchener’s long history has gifted residents with many architectural styles and wonderful neighborhoods.

what are the neighbourhoods in Kitchener like?

There is plenty of greenspace in the Kitchener neighbourhoods

The neighbourhoods in Kitchener are diverse with unique personalities and you’re sure to find one to suit your lifestyle. There are lively downtown homes as well as quiet suburban streets and just about anything you could want in-between. The schools, both private and public, are nearby and of excellent quality all the way from primary to college and university. There are plenty of recreational opportunities in the many local Kitchener parks and with sports organizations.

Life in the smaller city of Kitchener, Ontario is as rich as any urban center. Call us for a tour or better yet, come visit to see just how good life can be away from the noise and crowds of the city. Kitchener is sure to exceed all of your expectations!